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Mr. Maliva Lyonga

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Professor


  • Created : 07-10-2020
  • Price : 300K
  • Length : 2 years

Course Description

Students on this course benefit from a unique curriculum that has been developed in association with local employers and entrepreneurs. This helps ensure that the course is relevant in the modern business landscape and covers themes that are central to successful enterprises. Students are encouraged to take what they have learnt and apply it to their businesses right away.

In the final year of study, students have the opportunity to take what they have learnt and apply it to other organizations as part of the business consultancy project. This project enables students to develop consultancy skills whilst at the same time undertaking in-depth business troubleshooting exercises.

HIPS is a place of study to students from all over the world. Learning with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds helps to emulate real working practices and brings new points of view to discussions and debates. These points of view can eventually be fed into consultancy projects, group work and student businesses.

Do you think your business idea could be the next big thing? HIPS Business Start-up Scholarship Programme is dedicated to helping student entrepreneurs achieve success. We can provide support in the form of funding, office space, mentoring and guidance to some prominent and award-winning business ventures.