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Mr. Maliva Lyonga

Management Professor


  • Created : 07-10-2020
  • Price : 300K
  • Length : 3 years

Course Description

Our links with major organizations around the country and beyond have provided past students with access to some of the most inspiring business leaders, including guest lectures from some of the world’s renowned universities. In addition, our students have also worked as consultants on live client briefs, pitching ideas for top brand and also working as middle and top managers in fast growing organizations.

HIPS students will have the opportunity to join some of the University’s student entrepreneurs, which is aimed at providing inspiration and support to every student at the University. Through this you will meet a range of guest speakers, many of whom are professors from some renowned universities in Cameroon and the world over.

The academic experience on this degree centers on first hand advice and real examples of business scenarios. Studying a broad range of industries and roles is advantageous, as it helps students to decide where their specialisms lie and which industry they might like to pursue employment in.

The course team maintain strong relationships with local and national businesses. These relationships have previously led to live assessment briefs, work experience placements and guest lectures. Exercises like this ensure that students are kept up to date with the latest industry developments.

Students are also guided as they write a dissertation, carrying out in-depth research into a relevant business area. Students use the analytics skills learnt throughout the course to inform this research, and are encouraged to focus on an area that they think they might like to work in after graduation.